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Help us make responsible choices the norm. Collaborate on new standards for the new generation.

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Research & Developments

Supply-Chains are more than the Sum of Its Parts


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A brighter food future.

Better choices, better world. ClearKarma makes it easy to support transparent and sustainable food practices for SMEs.

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SMEs & Digitalization

Learn, grow, connect.

Discover the power of informed choices for yourself, your community, and the planet.

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Human Centric

Your actions help us create a more just and resilient food system for everyone.

Hello from Vienna, and Welcome to the ClearKarma Community!

Greetings from the heart of Europe!

I'm Sylvie Chin, President of ClearKarma, an organization headquartered here in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

We're a team of passionate change makers working to create next-generation standards for a sustainable and equitable food system. We believe in a world where healthy, responsible choices are the norm. Here at ClearKarma e.V. , we're developing rigorous standards, educating communities, and advocating for policies that shape a healthier future for food, people, and our planet.

Whether you're a consumer, producer, or just want a better world, join our movement! Explore our site, learn more about our standards, and find ways to get involved.

Together, let's transform the way we grow, produce, and enjoy food.


Sylvie Chin, President, ClearKarma

About Us

Building a better food future, together.


ClearKarma e.V. fosters

a thriving, inclusive community around sustainable food. We set standards, advocate for change, and empower individuals & businesses to make informed choices that benefit our health, our planet, and our society.

Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Inclusivity

Our Work

  • Promoting Sustainable Production
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Educating and Empowering

We connect producers with resources to improve practices and showcase ethical, quality products. We support regenerative agriculture and advocate for solutions that reduce waste and fight climate change. We share information, run workshops, and build partnerships to create a food-aware public.


Bold Ideas Turned into Reality

  • We set the standard. ClearKarma develops rigorous guidelines for sustainable, ethical food supply-chains.

  • We empower SME communities. Educational programs, resources, and partnerships for a healthier, more informed food supply-chains.

  • We fight for change. Advocating for policies that protect our planet and support responsible food systems.

  • Get involved. Make a difference. Donate, volunteer, or become a partner today!

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2024 Achievements

New Standards

We developed and working on groundbreaking sustainability standards for food banks.

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Community Grows Stronger

x dedicated volunteers joined our mission, contributing x hours of service in support of a healthier food system.

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Impactful Partnerships Forged

We partnered with like-minded organizations to amplify our positive impact, reaching new audiences and expanding resources.

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People-Powered Progress

ClearKarma's Innovation Journey

At ClearKarma, we believe true innovation starts with understanding the needs of the people involved in our food system. That's why we don't just talk about standards for sustainability – we actively listen to and collaborate with producers, consumers, communities, and experts.

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Partnerships for Impact

Deep, trusted partnerships are how we scale our impact. In the past year, we've forged alliances with organizations across multiple regionsto share resources, amplify voices, and bring change to local and global levels.

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That Serve All

Our standards are developed through rigorous research and direct input from the communities impacted by them. We make sure solutions are not just good for the planet, but practical and just for those at every point of the food chain.

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Knowledge that Empowers

We're not just about standards; we're about action. We run workshops, online courses, and public forums that break down complex issues into accessible information.

We are initiating the fundraising process.

Transforming standards, transforming communities.


Sylvie Chin


Barak Shalom


Anna Blume


Coming Soon

The ClearKarma Standard launches in 2024!

Partnership announcement 2024

We're teaming up with an exciting organization to expand our reach and impact.

New educational campaign for Food Banks!

Onboarding Food Banks world wide 2024!

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Keep your planet safe and secure

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